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26-Aug-2017 20:06

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This involves taking calls from customers who ring up for a chat to the operator's premium rate numbers, they are routed through to your home telephone.

The chat line company charges customers for calling a premium rate 'hotline' number and pays the chat line operator an hourly rate for the time spent chatting.

You'll usually need to commit to being online for a given number of hours per week.

If you don't hit your targets, your payment may be delayed, reduced or cancelled.

Wir zeigen Ihnen bereits heute schon mal die ersten Schritte in Ihre neue Onlineumgebung. Fordern Sie auf Menüpunkt „Login“ unter „Passwort vergessen? Ihr bisheriges Passwort benötigen Sie dazu nicht, es ist dafür nicht gültig!

At one point, Line was available as a website (non-browser-app), but that has been discontinued.The service is operated by Line Corporation, a Japanese subsidiary of the South Korean internet search giant Naver Corporation.