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I play flute, guitar, and piano (music major) and I like coffee, books, the outdoors, working out, animals, tennis, volleyball, yoga, rock climbing, and lots of music. I love helping people especially when it comes to sex, relationships or any kind of LGBTQ questions/issues.Come talk to me, I promise I am very friendly and open! Having no one to talk to or not being able to say you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? :) Just submit your picture with a little bit of information about yourself and dont forget to follow us to get updates on people you might like!Great place for meeting a real man will just fall for your physical appearance, guarantee you’ll end up matched.

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Further, it suggests you're not willing to do any courting outside of pushing play on a bunch of Fast & the Furious movies. But for many women browsing through Ok Cupid, that time is not now. Convey your intentions and awesome personality as politely as possible. It's difficult to express tone in Times New Roman, and profanity can come across as a bit aggressive, especially if the person of interest has no idea what you sound like in person. Inside jokes are called that because they just sound lame to everyone else. Women are interested in your personality traits, not what you think Gandhi may have said.On average, women spend 84 seconds evaluating a profile for a match, and most of that time is spent assessing personality traits.